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Brief introduction

The Plush Light 2.0 has taken the sublime design of the original 1.0, and added improvements that make it a must have smart light for any home. Its signature woven fabric cover remains, and it's soft, even, and customisable lighting make it a welcome addition to any environment. It adds a warmth and uniqueness that allows it to be placed anywhere and immediately add personality to the space.

Either as a gentle and warm night light, or ambient lighting to fill a space, its adjustable brightness and color tone makes it perfect for all environments.


10ft x 360º Glowing

Soft plush cover

Warm to cool white


Wireless control


Music sync



Product Description

        Inspired Design

  • An ultra-soft, supple braided rope that uses microfiber cloth completely safe for children and pets*with a chic, modern design that will look good in any home.
  • The soft fabric cover also ensures no glare from the light with an excellent CRI*, and is perfect for adding an ambience to any room or space.
  • You can also choose from different colors for the ends of the strip and cable (white, pink, blue, and yellow) to add some personality to your Plush Light.

 Flexible Design, Flexible Use

  • 10ft x 360º glowing

    Boasting a light that is 10ft long* and able to bend 360 degrees at any point, you can be as creative as you want in the installation of the Plush Light 2.0!

  • Hanging, mounting, changing to a lantern. Use it however you want.

    It also features a strap at the end of the rope for hanging, ties for hanging or mounting and a storage bag which will help you turn the light into a lantern, so that you can use if for everything from a unique decoration, to a reading light or nightlight!

  •  Two ways to supply power

    It even comes with a Type-C adapter to allow for a power bank*, meaning you can take your Plush Light wherever you want, from living room to bedroom. Enjoy the ambience wherever you are.

    *1. The luminous part of the light is 10 ft. The whole product including the extension wire, control box and the adapter is around 20ft.

    *2. Power bank not included.

  • Beyond design, Be smart

    Not only a decoration light, Plush Light becomes smarter with multiple modes and control methods.

  • Multiple modes make life brilliant.

    The brightness and color temperatures are fully adjustable across multiple pre-set modes such as: reading, dining, music, and the brand new circadian mode, which allows the Plush Light 2.0 to copy and follow the natural light cycles of your area, and a custom mode which you can choose for yourself.

    - Music mode

    Let the light dance with your music.

    - Circadian light

    Automatic adjustment of brightness and color based on local time in order to mimic natural light and the setting of the sun.

  • Unlimited Control

    The Plush Light 2.0 comes with a controller, as well as a dedicated app. Choose any, or both, of them to give you complete and seamless control of your lighting environments!



Included in the box:

Plush light


Power adapter

Storage bag

Silicone sling x4

C shape clip x10

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