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Article: Introducing ArtMorph Voyager: CECOCECO Unveils a New Way to Display ArtMorph

Introducing ArtMorph Voyager: CECOCECO Unveils a New Way to Display ArtMorph

Introducing ArtMorph Voyager: CECOCECO Unveils a New Way to Display ArtMorph

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2024 - CECOCECO, an innovator in the lighting and display industry, today unveiled a new and easy way to display ArtMorph through its Voyager demo kit. This ready-to-use flight case distinguishes itself from traditional black flight cases with its unique wooden design, blending style and durability. With the assistance of two individuals, the foldable demo case easily opens and securely locks in place, revealing a fully operational ArtMorph display.

CECOCECO ArtMorph Voyager

Setting a new benchmark in innovation, the ArtMorph Voyager demo case merges natural aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality, presenting an array of key features that include:

    • Efficient Scale: Standing over eight feet tall when fully opened, ArtMoprh Voyager offers a striking and efficient display, holding up to eight ArtMorph Panels and necessary accessories for demonstrations.
    • Ready-to-Go Operation: ArtMoprh Voyager simplifies demos with an all-in-one design. Integrated with ArtMorph PLAY Controller and a power cable, the case is designed for a swift setup at any location.
    • Convenient and Versatile Control: The demo case features an easily accessible, user-friendly remote control for quick access to essential functions, while users can seamlessly access a web interface on phones, tablets or PCs for more intricate operations.
    • Mobility and Stability: Maneuverable by a single person on flat surfaces, the ArtMorph Voyager has four universal wheels featuring brakes, guaranteeing secure stationing for optimal balance between mobility and stability.
    • Diverse Display: Beyond the standard surface, the ArtMorph Voyager includes wood, stone, fabric and metal textures, with a window on the back offering a glimpse into the carbon fiber frame and structure. 

    With built-in multimedia capabilities, the demo display supports the integration of lighting effects with sound, providing a truly immersive and multi-sensory demonstration. For those considering outdoor demos and exhibitions, an optional rain cover is available to safeguard the ArtMorph Voyager and its components from potential weather elements. 

    CECOCECO ArtMorph Voyager

    ArtMorph Voyager's versatility extends beyond traditional settings, making it an ideal solution for various applications. For example, trade show managers can leverage ArtMorph Voyager to:

      • Create dynamic trade show exhibits with seamless integration
      • Design captivating museum displays that leave lasting impressions
      • Conduct immersive product launches that have powerful impacts 
      • Develop corporate events that transform audience engagement with visual content

      Other uses of ArtMoprh Voyager include artists unleashing their creativity by constructing visually immersive art installations, incorporating various textures and multimedia elements. For businesses, ArtMorph Voyager is a powerful tool for enhancing lobby displays, providing an interactive and eye-catching focal point. Educational institutions can leverage the ArtMorph Voyager demo for interactive presentations, bringing subjects to life with dynamic graphics and multimedia content. Entertainment venues, including theaters and galleries, can elevate audience experiences by incorporating the demo display into their spaces, creating vibrant and stimulating displays that contribute to the entertainment experience.

      CECOCECO ArtMorph Voyager

      “In the world of demonstration tools, ArtMorph Voyager is a game-changer. By marrying utility, efficiency and aesthetics, this showcase emerges as the ultimate companion for ArtMorph Panels, setting a new benchmark for excellence in visual presentation. At CECOCECO, our goal is to elevate the standard of innovation and ArtMorph Voyager is a prime example of our commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that exceed the evolving expectations of the lighting design industry, offering a perfect balance of elegance, efficiency and ingenuity,” states CECOCECO founder, Jason Lu.



      ArtMorph Voyager

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