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ArtMorph Voyager

This AM voyager combines Utility, Efficiency, and Aesthetics, making it an ultimate demonstration tool for the ArtMorph Panels.

Crafted for Brilliance, Built to Last

Moving away from the traditional black flight cases, the design incorporates natural wood aesthetics for a unique showcase that stands out in crowds. Crafted from real wood, the flight case secures style and durability in equal measure, built for longevity and frequent transport.

Efficient Scale

With a height of around 2.5 meters when fully opened, the case presents a striking yet efficient display. It conveniently holds eight pieces of ArtMorph Panels and all necessary accessories for an impressive demonstration.

CECOCECO collections feature bespoke offerings. Each product reflects one-of-a-kind lighting and display solutions, ensuring an exclusive and unparalleled experience.

The AM Voyager is equipped with an easily accessible, user-friendly remote control, providing quick access to basic functions. For more complex operations, users can access a web interface on their phones, tablets, or PCs.

Despite its large size, the AM Voyager is easily maneuverable by one person* and can be securely stationed thanks to four universal wheels with breaks.

*By one person: refers to operating on flat ground. If there are obstacles or stairs, only two people are needed.

Diverse and Informative Display

In addition to the standard surface, four surfaces featuring different textures—wood, stone, fabric, and metal—are included. A purposefully placed window on the back of the flight case provides a glimpse into the carbon fiber frame and structure.

Built-in Multimedia Features

With built-in speakers, the AM Voyager supports playing light effects with sound for an immersive multi-sensory demonstration.

Optional Rain Cover for Added Protection

For added safety against weather elements, an optional rain cover is available. This can be particularly beneficial for outdoor demos and exhibitions, ensuring the AM Voyager and its components are shielded from potential water damage.