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Where exclusivity meets aesthetic in captivating illumination.

Refresh Your Space

CECOCECO was created by a visionary team of pioneers from the heart of the lighting and display industry. Drawing upon years of experience from our previous venture as founders of ROE Visual, alongside a deep-rooted passion for innovation, we are set to create products that will change the way people perceive and interact with lights and visuals.

We recognized that lighting and displays could transcend mere functionality and evolve into artistic expression. At CECOCECO, we envisioned a future where every space, whether it be a concert hall, a corporate office, a retail store, or a public park, would become a canvas for immersive and awe-inspiring visual storytelling.

Jason Lu

The Founder, Jason, started his business in 2006 and built the world's top brand in the LED display industry -ROE Visual
with 17 years of profound studies in the field. The impressive success is a direct result of Jason’s brave pursuit of perfection and deep understanding of what makes a good product.

During the quarantine that seems never end, Jason focused more on himself and realized that he had been focusing on creating wonderful products for the stage but had neglected his daily life.
Creative thinking and the pursuit of aesthetics should not just stay on stages. So he decided to start again, designing products for himself and his loved family. This was how CECOCECO was born.

CECOCECO is a brand-new adventure in which Jason tries to bring his stage lighting experience into an indoor scene, creating professional and aesthetical products that benefit daily life.

Where Exclusivity Meets Aesthetic In Captivating Illumination

CECOCECO empowers customers to express their creativity, elevate aesthetics, and set new standards of excellence in visual communication, through lighting & display innovation.

CECOCECO collections feature bespoke offerings. Each product reflects one-of-a-kind lighting and display solutions, ensuring an exclusive and unparalleled experience.

CECOCECO thrives on innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of lighting and display technology. From textured illumination to high-resolution LED displays, CECOCECO’s innovative approach ensures that our solutions remain ahead of the curve, revolutionizing visual communication.

CECOCECO's commitment to aesthetic brand value results in products that blend seamlessly into diverse environments while enhancing their beauty. Whether it's in modern architectural spaces or classic settings, CECOCECO’s products elevate aesthetics with their refined and sophisticated design.

See The Unseen

Light is invisible. The photons of light that form the boundary bounce around, forming refraction. It is at this moment (not before and not after) that we perceive the existence of light.

Global Services

Global support teams covering China, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, and UAE. We provide a range of services to support our clients throughout the entire journey, from conceptualization to implementation and beyond, including:

Product design & customization

Technical training and support

Product maintenance